Our company operates with a team of experienced professionals with a long track record in real estate/corporate finance and asset management. We began working together in 2001 focusing on real estate fund management, with a common passion for engineering and real estate development/asset management. This long-lasting relationship allows us to align quickly our objectives and strategies, which make it easier to manage complex situations.

Eugenio Radice Fossati- Chief Executive Officer

Graduated in Management Engineering at Polytechnic University in Milan, he obtained an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan. Since university, he has committed himself to real estate management. He returned to deal with real estate after working as an analyst in the Corporate Banking Division of Deutsche Bank (Mannheim and Milan branches). In 2001, he joined Polis Fondi Sgr.p.A., one of the first asset management companies specializing in real estate funds, where he became the Fund Manager of the listed real estate fund Polis. In 2005, together with Gianni Colombo, he co-founded CORAF, a consulting company focused on the strategic management of real estate assets. In 2008, he established Namira S.G.R.p.A. He has been active at the academic level as a Corporate Finance contract professor at Polytechnic University in Milan and as a professor for the Italian Stock Exchange training school. Since 1998, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Collegio degli Ingegneri ed Architetti di Milano, of which he was also Chairman.

Giovanni Colombo – Head of Investments Department

Graduated in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic University in Milan, he gained extensive experience in the real estate sector, working mainly in large multinational groups. In summary, from 1985 to 1999 he worked at Montedison S.p.A. and Ferruzzi S.p.A. serving as a manager from 1990 and taking various positions (including administrative ones) reporting directly to top management. Then he worked for Pirelli in Milan Central Services, focusing on the Joint Venture with Morgan Stanley. In 2000, he joined Polisfondi S.g.r.p.A, initially as Director of Investments and later as General Manager. In 2007, he co-founded Unione Fiduciaria S.p.A. (now Namira S.G.R.p.A.) together with Eugenio Radice Fossati and seven banks (i.e. Banche Popolari). After a three-year interlude (from 2010 to 2013) in Prelios S.g.r.p.A., serving as Fund Management Director, and a further entrepreneurial experience, he re-joined Namira S.G.R.p.A. in 2016 serving as Director of Investments.

Domenico Gramuglia – Head of Finance

Graduated in Business Administration, he gained expertise working with leading auditing and business consulting companies. Interestingly, he participated in First Time Adoption IFRS projects, he gained significant experience in the Transaction Services of ​​BDO Italy (Due Diligence and Debt Restructuring) and he performed auditing activities for companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

In addition, he advised Bank of Italy for the Asset Quality Review of Italian leading banks.